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About me...

My name is Gianfranco. I was born in Val DOr, a small Canadian town in Northern Quebec. My parents, of Italian origin, immigrated to Canada in the fifties. At that time, my father, like so many European refugees found employment away from large urban areas. He worked as an elevator shaft operator in one of Val d'Or's gold mines. My parents were from Pula which is in Croatia near Trieste. The Italian Pula before the Second World War was in the Province of Istria. We were a happy family. As kids, my sister, little brother and I played in our back yard or in the nearby forest: Winters in the snow and Summers enjoying the sun and playing hide and go seek. I was a lively little boy always running all over the place and getting lost in the woods several times. As employment in that region was scarse, our family later moved to Montreal where we settled in. My dad found himself a new job, found us a new home, new school, etc. My parents worked hard, my mother raising three kids and taking care of the house and my dad sometimes working two jobs at a time. At least we were good kids, well behaved and we even went to mass on Sundays. My dad loved to entertain. He would sing to us while playing the guitar, the accordeon, the keyboard or the violin. He also found time to teach me how to play Chess and Checkers. As a teenager, I played baseball, touch football and rode my bike with friends. I also played batminton with my sister. In Winter, it was ice skating. Electronics began in High School. It was great, I became the TV and radio repairman of family and friends. Took Tai Chi lessons while in College and really mastered that graceful art. My younger brother who turned out to be an awsome mechanics, showed me a few tricks and I got to ride with him on his Harley Davidson bike. I love music and this was the disco area so my brother and I went to electronic stores where I bought my first cassette recorder and mixer. I really got involved as an amateur discjockey and I loved to go dancing with my friends at the discos. My first computer was the Commodore 64. At that time, it was the best one around. The time came where I applied for a government grant which was accepted. I later walked out from CDI holding a Computer Programmer Analyst Certificate. Last updated: Monday August 6, 2018.