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Audio Literature Odyssey
Nikolle Doolin brings the pages of classic literature to life in this engaging literary podcast. 

Audio Book Treasury
If you fancy titles like "Beowulf," "Dracula" and "Three Men in a Boat’" get it here. 


Maria Lectrix
public domain audiobook podcast - for people with catholic tastes. 

Romantic novels about men and women who fall in love. 

Voices in the Dark
Download both low and high bitrate audio books here, from poetry to essays. 

The Storyspieler
One of the narrators from Gutenberg shares his own audio books here. 

Broken Sea
The audio books here are mostly sci-fi, horror and drama. 

Download old titles like "The Damned" and "The Shunned House" here. 

When you are on the move and keeps you entertained. It is also a great help for the visually impaired. 

Browsing for books is quite easy on ManyBooks as it offers neatly categorized sections of texts in different genres. Moreover, it has a Recommended and Featured Authors section that can help readers pick their next book. 

If you are looking for some literary work by Indie authors, Smashwords is the right place to look. 

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Free eBook Download Guide  

Womens magazine - Short fiction pieces and advice-oriented articles 

Erotic Review
Giving sex a good name since 1995
These positive attitude magazine benefits you to build up good life habits and skills.
You can free download this PDF magazines 

The Most Iconic Photographs of All Time 

Marie Claire Home
marie claire Lifestyle' Is Your Guide To Staying Home In Style 

The Art of Manliness | Men's Interests and Lifestyle