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Ars Technica
Ars Technica offers brainy, geeky coverage of technology and science 

BBC Science
For science news that cuts through the clutter 

Focuses on the science and tech that will shape humanity's future. 

Giz is the rudest science website on the internet. 

NPR Science
If you'd like your science news delivered into your ears rather than your eyeballs 

Pacific Standard
The Pacific Standard is a bit off the beaten path of science.
Stop by the site for an eclectic blend of science news, history essays and nature videos. 

Scientific American
SciAm has you covered with smart takes on science, culture and policy
Astronomy and spaceflight our sister site is for you 

The Guardian Science
A great place to browse on a lazy Saturday 

Information beyond the headlines who and what but the why 

A glimpse of what's happening at the cutting-edge of research